Diz Sports Swim School is dedicated in providing swimming lessons to babies, toddlers, children, adults beginner or advanced at your convenient location!!

Kids swimming
kid kicking with a kickboard

    Learn to swim


Within a fun and enthusiastic atmosphere, 

Diz Sports Swim School coaches teach adults, children and babies of all ages efficient swimming techniques, water survival skills and what it means to be safer in the water, and also initiation to different Aquatic Sports.  We achieve this through professionally qualified staff, an extensive swimming education program and your child(ren) or baby. Our swimming instructor qualifications include SG coach level 1 swimming, BPAAN ( French national certificate), Bachelor in physical education.

At Diz Sports Swim School, we will uphold our Mission to build happy, healthy and confident Kids in the water all year round.

Adult swimming butterfly
woman swimming backstroke
children having fun underwater