Terms & Conditions

(Updated on the 1st July 2015)

  1. Every started lesson will be deducted from the package even in the event of sudden change/circumstances that needs to finish the class earlier (Reasons such as; weathers, injuries etc)

  2. WEATHER CANCELLATION (WC) (Thunder, Heavy Rain, Haze…),to be fair to the client, the scheduled class (not started) will not be deducted from the package on the first time occurrence. However, to be fair as well to the Trainer whom has blocked his working day and schedule for the student, the weather cancellation class will be chargeable for each second time occurrence. Weather Cancellation will be notified by the coach.

  3. CLIENT CANCELLATION:                                                                             Late Cancellation (LC): When the cancellation is notified the day of the class or after 7pm the day before, a session is chargeable as per normal.                                                          Last Day Cancellation (LDC): When the cancellation is notified the day before the day of the class (before 7pm), every 2 LDC a session will be chargeable as per normal.                 In case of cancellation in a group class package, if only one student is present, a 1to1 class fee will be deducted from the group package.                                                            A notice by writing (Email/SMS) is required for cancellation of a session. 

  4. If the student is late for the beginning of the session, the session will still end at the same timing as previously specified/agreed upon in the scheduled appointment (our Trainer also have other scheduled appointments for trainings throughout the day). In certain cases, the Trainer has the right to remove a student from the class should the student be a cause of the problem in the group session. (the session will also be charged accordingly in such a case)

  5. Diz Sports Pte Ltd services require full payment to be made in advance for each package (10 sessions). Please note that the classes are on all year round, included Public Hollidays unless written notification from your part or from Diz Sports Coach. Also, each term of the package is capped at a maximum of 3 months after which the term expires.For hollidays leave, prior notice has to be given at least 2 weeks in advance to Diz Sports Pte Ltd in writing. During your holidays, Diz Sports Pte Ltd offers you a special duration package. The session can be used as usual or there is a possibility to freeze the duration of package until the end of your holidays.

  6. All clients declare that they and /or their owned/rental facility have appropriate insurance coverage (ie. Named client/client’s child and that they are physically and mentally in good health (after Doctor’s examination) in agreeing with “Diz Sports Pte Ltd” ( 10 Anson Road, #05-17, International Plaza, Singapore 079903, Mobile: +65 9489 7757, with regards to services provided by the Company) : personal/group training for swimming, aquagym, fitness, cardio training etc.

  7. The Company “Diz Sports Pte Ltd”, its agents and the Trainer in session will not hold any responsibility whatsoever in anyway or form of any injuries, damage or any death (s) while attending this/these course (s)/session (s).

  8. By accepting the terms and conditions, I agree to receive Diz Sports’ Newsletter with the possibility to unsubscribe by sending an email to contact@dizsports.com and I give Diz Sports Pte Ltd the full authorization to use my image rights and video rights for social media and teaching program media.

  9. Responsible adult supervision is required to carry out the program and practice to ensure the safety of the learner (minor) at all times.